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A Spear.A Triple Corssbow.Crossbow bolts.Single Handed Axe.Magical Katana.A Bastar Sword. Description: Chain set armor equipped.

A Crossbow.A two handed war hammer.A longbow.ArrowsMagical Snake Blade.

There are all sorts of different weapon classes in Dungeon Souls. Some weapons are close or ranged. Some close range weapons are about keeping distance, others high damage, some higher attack speed. Here are some of the weapon  types found:


Ragned weapons require you to either find or buy ammunation. The following ranged weapons require ammunition:

Bows  - Arrows
Crossbows  - Bolts
Blunderbuss - Shots

Material of the weapon affects it's durability, the weight, the value, and of course it's maximum damage. The greater materials normally encompass all the previous attributes of worse materials:

Iron   + no benefits
Steel  + better durability
Silver + 1 to hit + natural ability to damage mythical or non materialized creatures.
Hardend Gold + 1 damage
+ 1 to hit
Diamond + 2 damage + 1 to hit
Dark Iron + 3 damage + 2 to hit
Dark Steel + 4 damage + 3 to hit

Magical weapons may be found on your adventures. Normally worn by powerful heroes from a time long past. You may tell if a Armor or weapon has magic potential by a blue glowing outline. You normally will need to identify said item by a scroll of identification or casting a spell of identify It has been said there are rare weapons that contain special magic properties beyond elemental damage such as Slaying Dragons, undead, Life stealing, and more . . .

A magical estoc (trusting sword.)

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