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Unlike our universe, the universe of Malignity has different laws and rules of physics as we know it. Magic once widely used, has become a lost art.  However, the guardian depending on your personality may wield different forms of magic. Not to mention there are remaining magical artifacts to be found  and natural magical occurrences in nature such a mushrooms with magical effects. There are  two ways a being may manifest magical means. A person whom studies and practices magic tends to use pure magic. A person of high faith (good or evil) or strong mental beliefs tends to obtain faith magic bestowed upon them naturally.

Any hero may use expendable magic items such as scrolls, naturally ocurring magic mushrooms, or imbued artifacts.

Heroes that wield magic must  be:

Hero:        -   Magic type:       - Learnable Rank & mana cost Modifier
Champion - Magic & Faith    - 1.5x
Devout      - Faith                  - 1x
Inquisitor   - Faith                  - 1.5x
Paladin      - Faith                  - 1.5x
Mage        - Magic                - 1x
Sorcerer    - Magic & Faith   - 1x
Battlemage- Magic                - 1.5x
Rogue       - Magic                - 1.5x
Ninja        -  Faith                  - 1x



Using a spell from a spell book requires the proper experience rank. Normally every or several ranks - you learn how to read the words of power form the book. Humans that wield magic must use a item to channel magic out from them. Normally in the form of books. However individual expendable scrolls maybe used by anyone anytime if obtained.  Here is the known libary of magic and estimated requirements for casting:

Faith magic:

Spell book

(Beginner's Prayer book)       
  Cure Light Wounds         - Heal yourself for a small amount. 
  Bless                               - Increase your armor class.
  Shine Light                      - Create a light source.
  Detect Passage/Ore (door/stairs)         - Find stairways and treasures  by looking at your map.
  Cure Poison                    - Cure poison from a nasty cave spider or the like.
  Holy Bolt                         - Cast a bolt of magical energy that specializes in damaging undead.

(Words of Prayer)
  Restore Stamina            - Restore your stamina
  Portal                            - Returns you to the Gateway. Using the Gateway will return you exactly where you were before.
  Cure Medium Wounds  - Heal yourself for a moderate amount.
  Create Food                 - Create magical rations to eat.
  Remove Curse              - Remove a curse a ghost, other evil, or item bestows upon you.
  Resist Elements             - Add a moderate amount of Magical, fire, ice, acid/poison, lightning resistance for a time.

(Chants of Faith)
  Blind Creature             - Burns and malice your enemies senses. Reduce chances of there attacks.
  Orb of Draining           -  A manifest of dark energy and damages all foes for health, mana, and stamina and returns it to you.
  Regeneration               - Restore health like a troll for a limited time.
  Guiding Soul                - Your guarding angle will help you hit and damage foes in melee combat with your weapon of choice.
  Cure Critical Wounds  - Restore a large amount of health efficiently.
  Turn Undead               - Upon success see any undead affected around the hero run away in terror!

(Exorcisms of Faith)
  Identify                   - Use to see magical properties of any unidentified item.
  Heal all                  - Remove all bad attributes, heal health and stamina to full, and be blessed.
  Holy Flame           - All enemies around will be damaged by a blaze of fire and burn.
  Heavens' Sundered  - A holy bolt from heave that will even destroy parts of the dungeon in its path.
  Holy Word             - The ultimate defense magic from all evil.   


Magic book

(Beginners Magic)              
  Magic bolt                   - A bolt of magical energy projected.
  Detect Passage            - Find stairs in the dungeon to higher or lower depth.  
  Phase Door                 - Create a sub portal that will warp you to another area in the dungeon 
  Create Light                -  Create a light source.
  Cure Light Wounds     -  Restore a small amount of health.
  Fire bolt                      -A bolt of fire energy will burn foes.

(Magic I)
  Regenerate             -   Restore health like a troll for a limited time.
  Frost Bolt               -  A bolt of ice energy will slow and damage foes.
  Cure Poison           - Cure poison from a nasty cave spider or the like.     
  Lightning blast        -  A bolt of electric energy will damage heavily armored foes.
  Remove Curse       - Remove a curse a ghost, other evil, or item bestows upon you.          
  Acid Cloud            - A large area effect acid cloud that will destroy enemy defense and cause wounds.       

(Magic II)
  Create Food           - Create magical rations to eat.        
  Chain lightning       -  A bolt of electric energy will  spread upon each foe hit.        
  Polymorph Other    - Turn a foe into a weak and defenseless creature.         
  Identify                  - Use to see magical properties of any unidentified item.  
  Scorcher              -A beam of fire burning anything  the path.
  Portal                   - Returns you to the Gateway. Using the Gateway will return you exactly where you were before.  

(Magic III of Power)
  Frost Ball          -A large blast of ice that will slow and damage any creature caught in it.     
  Haste Self         -Increase your attack speed by a large amount.         
  Word of Destruction     - A large blast a thermo fire that will engulf everything around near it striking point. Even the dungeon.
  Time Stop      -  Everything from the universe of Malignity becomes frozen in time except those not from Malignity!

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