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Controlling a Character

Controlling picture reference.

Area surrounded in yellow:
In order to move, you hold down the arrow keys with your finger. You are allowed to slide your finger around the arrows for quick controls. In order to manipulate, pickup items, Talk to NPC'S , open doors you press the action key - a hand over a lever (Or tapping the main screen with paper-doll + all inventory closed.).

Area surrounded in red:
To open up or close your paper doll you press on your Character portrait. You will also see information about your character by status bars. 

Green Represents your health.
Red Represents your Stamina.
Blue represents your Mana.

Also your portrait maybe tinted on bad status effects such as poison for green or blue for being cursed:
Poison Character.

Area surrounded in Blue:
These are called "at the ready spots". Much like yourself in real life keeping your keys, wallet, phone, glasses real close under your person. Your character keeps there important items on there person and readily available too. Simply just tap usable items to use them like food or a bedroll. If you are a more magical Hero, you may also memorize spells into these slots for quick casting. Spare weapons, or tools that need to be wielded quickly may be placed and used to be swapped quickly. Any object on "At the ready spot" May not be stolen either.

Area surrounded in Green:
Any wieldable weapon or object such as a pick axe must be equipped on your avatar in order to use. Simply click the main area to swing your weapon, fist or pick axe. To the upper left with a faded shield icon - you may parry with a equipped weapon or block with a shield. The upper right part shows you the ammunition and amount in your quiver equipped on your paper doll. Note: The arrows affect the swing of your weapon. Thrust attacks tend to have a higher chance of critical hits but do less normal damage. Chops, tend to increase raw damage but are easier to miss with. Standard swings are balanced.

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