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Abyss Entrance

Sealed by the town folk - The last remaining survivors with sanity decided to buy there time and hope for a hero or perish. Many of the townsfolk are hiding in town. Rumors of a few hero's still survive within the dungeons. Once the Harbringer notices there existence they will slayed or turned to his bidding if not defeated..

The underground fortress of virtue was the last bastion of good in the world of Malignity.  It has been eons ago since it has been taken over. Between dark magic and natural world occurrences, the super fortress has become more of a abyss then anything. Upon traveling through it, you may come across old sections of the fortress, old mines used to gather materials, natural caves that have formed,  perhaps underground lakes, if you manage to get deep enough perhaps the dangers of lava awaits.  A large influx of magic and natural occurrences makes it impossible to retrace any steps up or down paths. The Harbringer now resides deep within the abyss, or dungeon as you may call it.

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