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FaQ - UPdated Mar-23-2014

What is Ultimate Virtue?
Ultimate Virtue is a first person rogue like inspired adventure. You create a hero on the hunt for the Harbinger. You will start in the last town of inhabitants that has access to the abyss. You will keep trying to find stairs down to get to the depth of where the Harbinger may reside.. A character on death is DEAD. You must restart over. 

What rule set does Ultimate Virtue use?
All custom rules. Obviously, some ideas were inspired.

What engine does Ultimate Virtue use and what features?
Ultimate Virtue uses the xMJP III engine. My 3rd generation ray caster developed by me. The core engine features multi threading of jobs, rendering, user input, sound, and sub threads for off loading tasks for saving, executing AI ect.  Engine graphics capability consists of :

-Rendering full 360 degree panoramic backgrounds
-Wall casting, texturing, animated textures
-Floor and ceiling casting with animating textures
-Transparent walls, such as barred doors, windows
-Random map generation
-Dynamic maps with interactive walls/ceilings (Such as mining through a dungeon)
-Object entity drawing sprites (enemies, trees, ect)
-Multi dimensional sprites
-Full shading capabilities(walls, ceiling, entities)
-Different perspectives; such was swimming or perhaps flying.
-Network multiplayer backbone TCP/IP
-Synchronized timer for animations of entities and of the world( trees, floors such as water)
-Custom AI and pathfinding
-and more

What platform will Ultimate Virtue run on?
Ultimate Virtue has been in development for Android only. However, since it's written in Java, it should be fairly portable if it's enough success.

What permissions does Ultimate Virtue use for Android?
The official version of Ultimate Virtue requires internet/network access and read/write to the sd card. Ultimate Virtue, uses a real time scoreboard for characters that will show details of there quest.(what they lost too or if they amazingly beat the game!)It may also require network access for coop play if this feature ever gets finished. Obviously, SD card access for saving and loading.  If you see a version that ask for more permissions do not install it - it's not official.

What technology did you use to create Ultimate Virtue?
Java - By Oracle/Sun
Android - By Google.

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