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There are many foul creatures that lurk in the abyss that followed the Ancient fortress. Far too many creatures indeed. However, the last written and known information of what you may encounter:


The Undead maybe past beings raised from the dead, restless souls, or perhaps just the evil has manifested some old remains.  That said certain enemies such as a ghost should not be taken lightly, it has been rumored ghost have a chance of cursing whomever they touch. Mummy's are also known to posses diseases. Worst yet, the lich a corrupted deceased ancient mage with unlimited magic power. You will encounter zombies, and an assortment of skeleton remains that may or may not use weapons.
Description: ZombieDescription: LichDescription: SkeletonDescription: Mummy


Creatures consists of the last remnants of life on Malignity. Most of the surviving creatures are evil and rotten in nature. A few notable creatures are the Fruit flies, tunnel worms, cave spiders, will less corrupted rat folk, and more. Do not under estimate the foul creatures of Malignity, a  many unprepared heroes have died to deadly cave spider poison!
Description: Fruit FlyDescription: A Cave SpiderDescription: A tunnel worm.

Mythical Beings:

Mythical beings are creatures created of magic or perhaps beyond what a human has ever seen. Mythical creatures are considered very powerful and all pre-cautions are suggested or escaping.
Description: Stone GolemDescription: Red Dragon


It has been reported, that lizard men, goblins and perhaps more have made a home in the abyss.


You may find some of the last remnants of human kind in the abyss. However,  mostly corrupted humans now patrol the abyss, few heroes exist in town besides you -- many of these corrupted people will attack you on sight. Humans of malignity must be treated with caution. They are known to be excellent thieves (which could pick pocket you) , to battle mages, clerics, to even heavily armored knights. It has been known that great hero's have undertaken the quest to stop the great evil. If you perchance, run into one of these hero's, they may still be pure and could teach you . . .

Beyond the Known:

A being known as the Harbringer is the cause of the corruption. Your quest is to slay this being, not only to help the last few souls of malignity but also to save your world before it is too late! Consider the Harbringer the largest threat in the abyss. You will need to go deeper into the abyss then any person has ever gone to even have a chance to find the Harbringer.

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