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Creating a Character

When you first launch Dungeon Souls you willl be eventually brought to the main menu.  On the main menu you will need to press continue. If you have never played before or if your character died, you will recieve a message regarding no save character found. You will now begin the character creation process.

Choose a Name and then press [OK].

Choose a Hero Portait and Gender and press [OK].

Choose a personality (Class). You must unlock 8 classes to choose them. Clicking on Each class type will breifly explain there main skills and attributes and there role (If you unlocked the locked ones that is).
Press [OK] once you figure out what matches your personality or class you are interested in.

After picking your class, you will see your hero's basic abilities. Try to get the best possible stats that fit under your class description. Hit re-roll if your stats seem subpar for what you are wanting. Assign off any bounus points into your attributes. It should be noted that whole numbers of 10 are ideal for maximizing gains for any potenial bonuns. ie 68 -> 70 is ideal verus 64 ->67.
Once you are satisfied, press [OK].

You will be brought to the review screen of your Hero's skills. The skill levels are based off your attributes and class choice. Your primary skills will start in the high 30's to low 40's. If you are not happy with your character press [REROLL CHARACTER].  If you are satisfied press [OK].
Welcome to the lands of Malignity!

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