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Character sheets

Character sheets are the primary means of you keeping track of the Guardian's progress. Upon opening the paper doll, the top and middle tab on the left open the Skill and Attribute sheets. Read more to learn about what skill does what and what attributes affect what! Upon ranking up, skills have a chance to be raised.

The Skill Sheet (Head Icon tab)

On Ranking up, primary skills have 66% chance to gain up to 2 points with a cap of 100. Secondary skills have a 66% chance for 1 point gain up to a cap of 65. Minor Skills have a 40% chance to gain 1 point up to a limit of 35 skill. Unskilled skills do not grow since your hero does not use or has no awareness of using them.

Melee: Affects your attack speed and maximum damage with melee weapons.
Ranged: Affects your attack speed and maximum damage with ranged weapons.
Magic: Affects your spell power for casted magic spells.
Faith:  Affects your spell power for faith casted magic spells.
Casting: Decreases failure chance of casting, also allows you to learn harder spells at a earlier level.
Stealth: Become one with the shadows, affects your ability to sneak up and to remain invisible to any enemy.
Plock/Dsrm: Affects your chances of not tripping a trap, disarming a trap, and opening up chest or doors.
Rest Magic: Directly affects how long curses or poisons may last, your resistances to natural magic, or fire,ice,acid,lightning.
Body Build: You are building you body, you can carry a lot more then someone who doesn't and can take a bigger beating too.
Barter: You sell for more and buy for less.
Aware: You are more aware of your environment and map better. Going up or down magic passages(stairs), you try to take on easier paths.
Crit-hits: Chance of critically wounding a entity. Does not apply to magic. Attacking while stealth always results in a critical hit.
Pry&dodge: Doding helps prevent being struck by melee, parrying reduces stat cost for actively using a weapon to block on being struck.
Shields: The best for of actively blocking, helps to prevent any penalties from blocking attacks.
Mine/Craft: Affects your mining ability and crafting ability.
Treasure H.: You tend to scrape more copper, silver or gold from veins. You also have a chance of finding better drops from monsters.

Character stats (Body Icon)

STR:  Strength affects your carrying capacity, damage, health, stanima, and fighting based skills.
AGL: Agility affects your attack speed, damage, rouge skills and slightly fighting skills.
CON: Constitution affects your well being, carrying capacity, health, stamina, and amount of hunger.
INT: Intelligence affects your casting abilities, adds magic potency, increases max magic points gained on a rank.
WIS: Wisdom affects your faith casting abilities, adds faster mana regeneration, increases max magic points gained on a rank.
CHA: Charisma affects your likeability, and your psych. A character with a tough mind may live on through that brutal poison or not give up being fatally wounded!

HP: Your life force, if it reaches zero you die forever.
MP: Your mana reserves. You slowly recharge this naturally.
SP: Your Stanima. Use a bed roll to rest, for largest gains. Eat food for a shot of energy.
FP: Your hunger level. Eat food to keep this up. You cannot recover Stanima  or other stats when Starving. If you Have no stamina and are starving you die.
IB: Your carrying capacity in pounds.
DMG: You min to max damage rolled per successful hit.
HIT: Chance modifier on melee hits.
AC: Your resistance to physical damage. This is a Average of: Your un/equipped armor + shields + your dexterity bonus. Magic items ect, will directly increase this, and all armor pieces.
ATK:Rough estimate of your attack speed with equipped weapon/fist/or item.
Mres: Magic/Fire/Poison-Acid/ICE/Lightning resistances

RANK: The Progress of your hero has gained.
XP: The amount of progress required until the next rank.

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