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Casting Spells

In order to cast magic spells you must first be of proper class. Refer to the library of spells if you are not sure. There are two ways to cast spells. One is by using your book to open the spell list. From there you tap on spells to populate any free "at the ready spots". This method is very useful for combat or emergency spells - with the book and all paper doll menus closed - just tap the spell icon and if you have enough mana it will cast. These are instances and to remove them simply have your spell book open and click on the "at the ready spot where a spell is". Or if you try to swap a item from you inventory to a spell instance - the instance will be removed.  The Second way, open up your book and hold down on the known spell you wish to cast. This method is very useful for spells that are on timers or not needed to often.

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