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Backpack ,Stores, using items, and dropping items

Your backpack maybe considered your lifeline. Here you will carry perhaps extra food, light sources, treasures, gold and more. Backpack items maybe pick pocketed by enemy humans or creatures. Try to find ways of preventing this. You may examine items in you inventory or a store by tapping and pressing down on the item for a second. You will learn details and the lore of the item.

You start out with a few items, depending on your class. The Basics are food, light source (a torch), a weapon and a cloak. I suggest you equip these right away. First, always examine your items by pressing down for a second. To quickly equip items - double tap fast. Or you may click on a item in your backpack and the corresponding spot on your paper doll. Some items will go into your" At the ready spot". Double clicking usable items will populate a empty spot. Doubling clicking a item when the spots are full - will use the item from your backpack! For example, To use rations, you must equip them on a"at the ready slot" or have all spots full with other items. To put rations in a spot - Tap on the rations on your backpack and tap on one of the six slots on the primary interface. Clicking on the rations while the paper doll/backpack is open will remove the rations back to the back pack. To use the rations, you would close your paper doll and backpack THEN click on the rations.  You may also want to put your map into a  "at the ready spot". Once your paper  doll is closed and you  are  exploring, simply tap the map  to see where you are (and what you have explored in the dungeon). Finally, you may want to put that pick axe into a "at the ready spot". If you tap on it while exploring, you will notice you are wielding it. To  mine a wall, simply walk up real close and start swinging at  it. You will see damage occur to the wall.  

Note:  You  should look for ORE (copper, silver, gold)veins to mine - while using your map as you explore a dungeon (white blocks) to gain  more gold.

Example of equipping chainmail armor:

Equipping chain mail

Equipped Chain Mail

When you arrive in the lands of Malignity you will be in part of the small and last town. Exploring the town you will find other humans willing to do business with you to aid your quest. Use the action key to initiate trade with a store character. You will see your backpack and there store contents for sale opened up.

Weapon Store.

To Purchase a item you must tap on a store item and then tap onto a free space on your backpack. You must also have available gold. To check the name and prices of the object(s), simply press and hold down on it for a second or two. To Sell a Item you tap on a item in your backpack and then tap on a free space in the store inventory.  You will be given a portion of the item value, partly based on your charisma and bartering skill.

To Drop a item from your backpack you must press on the item and swip downwards. You should see the item drop infront of you, or under you if your too close to a wall. To pick the item back up, press the action key.

To View item attributes you must press down on a item in your backpack or store screen for around a second. You will see all the main attributes and lore for the given examined item.

To Repair items attributes you must be at a store. On the store screen you will see two icons. The icon with a E represents to only repair equipped items. The Icon with the A will represent to repair all items the player has. You will be given a fee and you may accept or decline.

To Mine Ore and Tunnel you must have a pick ax equipped as your weapon or use your bare hands in emergency. Approach closely to the walls and you may mine them (most walls). The higher grade your pick ax will determine mining speed. Keep your eye out for walls with copper, silver or gold veins running through them. On your map, they will appear has white shinny blocks. Mining, is not easy labor and will wear out your character quicker (tiredness, hunger, ect). But the rewards or convenience of that cost are usually worth it.

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