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Description: GlovesDescription: Magicial Dark Iron great ShieldDescription: Plate HelmetDescription: Leather ShirtDescription: Iron Chain LeggingsDescription: Magical Iron Plate ArmorDescription: Iron ShieldDescription: Chain set armor equipped.
Armor adds physical defense to your hero. In some cases armor may add to your magical defenses. There are several kinds of Armor sets in Ultimate Virtue:

Light Leather/Jerkins
Hard Leather

Each Armor set will have multiple pieces consisting of:


Each armor piece takes damage and offers its own protection to a character. With the exception of shields, which adds "bonus protection" to other pieces much like magic items.
Material of the armor affects it's durability, the weight, the value, and of course it's protection. Armor Class protects from physical damage by  a percentage up to 99%. The greater materials normally encompass all the previous attributes of worse materials:

Iron   + no benefits
Steel  + better durability
Silver + natural resistance to magic
Hardend Gold + 1 AC per piece
Diamond + 2 AC per piece
Dark Iron + 3 AC per piece
Dark Steel + 4 AC per piece

Magical Armor may be found on your adventures. Normally worn by powerful heroes from a time long past. You may tell if a Armor or weapon has magic potential by a blue glowing outline. You normally will need to identify said item by a scroll of identification or casting a spell of identify It has been said there are rare armors that contain special magic properties beyond elemental resistances. . .

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