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Recently Fallen:
Character Class Level Depth at Death Highest Depth Gold Coins Death by Death Date Monsters Slain Score
Guardianyqq_Warrior15050655Tunnel Worm2020-02-21 09:13:051120
GuardianWarrior15050606Vampiric Bat2018-12-23 14:41:29050
GuardianyRouge1100100666Vampiric Bat2018-10-31 19:37:297340
GuardianRouge15050683Skeleton2018-10-31 19:34:44350
GuardianMage15050302Tunnel Worm2018-10-31 19:21:5720
GuardianyWarrior15050555Skeleton2018-10-31 19:17:482150
CryptoMage2505024Evil Rat2018-09-13 10:43:04331450
LegionWarrior1505018Tunnel Worm2018-08-29 21:29:272170
LegionWarrior1505031Evil Rat2018-08-29 14:07:375360
LegionWarrior1505028Evil Rat2018-08-29 12:44:107370


-Revised Town

-Looking into adding Inn/identifier at town

-Streamline starting inventory

-Basic Control tutorial

UPDATE ~ OCT16 2016:

Game is RELEASED on google play!

Please be sure to read the updated control faq!


Your quest shall take you through an abyss of unknown size and evil. Long ago, the folks who lived on Malignity called it Virtue.  The Lands of virtue, and its’ stronghold became the last fortress of good versus evil in their world.”

Ultimate Virtue is a first person roguelike inspired adventure with random map generation. You play as the Guardian – a mere avatar of your will projected into the world of Malignity by a ancient Gateway.  As the Guardian, you are not only trying to cleanse the lands of Malignity of this evil – but to prevent it’s corruption from growing into yours. You must overcome fragments of a underground fortress and an abyss created eons ago from the remnants of a great civilization. You will discover flooded caves, mines, underground lakes, crypts, remnants of the fortress, and more.

The town and the dungeon entrance:

The dungeons:

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